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DCB delivers even greater value through our commitment and ability to self-perform certain types of work. By strategically self-performing certain scopes of work, such as concrete, drywall and carpentry, we are able to offer greater control and set the standards and pace for each project. This provides for better schedule control, cost saving on work that in inefficient to subcontract out, and better control the quality of work.

By strategically self – performing... we are able to offer greater control allowing us to set the Standard and pace for each project. (EMS)

This ensures better control over scheduling and also allows us to maximize cost savings on work that would be inefficient to subcontract. (EMS)


DCB also provides Estimating and Design Assist services, where the construction manager (CM) or general contractor (GC) is hired by the Owner early in the design process and works with the Architect and Design Team in the development and design phases of the project (often referred to as Pre-construction Services), but becomes the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase of the project. In addition to acting in the Owner’s behalf and best interest, DCB assist in the management of the design to ensure the construction costs do not exceed the approved budget.

DCB also provides estimating and Design Assist services whereby a competent member of our management team is hired by the owner early in the design phase. They would work closely with the Architect and design team in both the development and vision of the project. This is commonly known as Pre - construction services. This relationship would follow on to DCB becoming the GC for the project in question, giving the Owner the security and support from the early phase of design to final stage of construction. This also allows DCB to assist and oversee the design phase ensuring construction costs do not exceed the desired budget. (EMS)


DCB was established in 1986 as a full service, General Contracting firm specializing in small structural projects around San Francisco. With its sights set on becoming a midsize, fast moving, general contractor, DCB made a name for itself by offering unmatched customer service, consistent top quality workmanship, fair pricing, flexibility, and on-time performance.

DCB made a name for itself by offering unmatched customer service, consistent top/high – quality workmanship. (EMS)

Today, DCB has grown into a company with experience building projects for many types of clients, including Medical, Dental, Office Tenant Improvement project, Exterior Building Renovations and food and beverage, Structural Retrofits.

DCB is a company that caters for a wide range of clients including Medical, Dental, Office tenant improvement projects, exterior building renovations, food and beverage remodels and structural retrofits. (EMS)

Our Team spans the full spectrum of a top tier construction firm. With Estimators, Project managers and Field Superintendents with over 20 year’s industry experience, our expertise at all levels of construction management is the focal point to our continuing success. (EMS)

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